We celebrate creative, intelligent and unique people

who are passionate about learning and growing for they are the leaders of tomorrow.

We embrace our strengths and weaknesses

by leading/serving with each other through our diversity and individual passions, talents and gifts.

We serve by providing training

for future leaders to have the skills and passion of creativity, efficiency and perseverance that will last them a lifetime.

We cultivate partnerships together

with you and your future leaders, to build enriching relationships.

We challenge one another to excellence

and we engage each other with respect to enrich our lives daily.

We value an environment

that is purposeful and inspiring. We, with you, aspire to be the landmark by which lives are changed.

We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity

to engage in the work of enriching and transforming lives everywhere.

At Creative Study Zone our most important resource, our lifeblood, is our people.

Our Team



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Stanley Lee



Wayne Chan



Wilfred Du

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